Maintaining the Health and Wellness of Aging Parents

Key activities for healthy aging

Your parents’ health and wellness become more important as they age. Most people would associate old age with the deterioration of health. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Children can assist in their parents’ healthy aging.

The simplest things will matter as children guide parents in this time in their life. There are many activities that one can do with their mother and father to promote a wise and healthy aging for them.

An article from PinnacleCare notes that the key to healthy aging is to “remain mentally, socially, and physically engaged.” The following activities that promote healthy aging may help you.

Regular Exercise

Aging may hasten the decrease of reflex power in old people. However, taking care of your parents’ physical well-being can slow this down. For example, encouraging them to do walking routines around the neighborhood can work their extremities out. If walking is a safety concern for you, then you can try indoor physical activities. There is yoga for older people for those parents who are interested. However, if they want something where they can sweat it out more, they can try aerobics.

Healthy Diet

Although healthy eating should be practiced by everyone, seniors would benefit from it more because their bodies have changing needs. Aging parents need more nutrients. Among these include vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, and even fiber. Eating fiber can help lower the risk of heart disease, while increasing calcium intake can promote strengthening of the body’s bones. The list of nutrients needed for the health and wellness of an aging adult is accessible on the Internet. A quick search can lead you to different resources.

A Unique Activity

Mental health is equally important to older adults’ physical well-being. According to Dr. Patricia Bloom of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, encouraging aging parents to do something they’ve never done before can “stimulate the mind and get them out into social situations that can enhance their wellbeing.”

Go Out

Social health should also be a top priority in promoting the health and wellness of aging parents. As they grow older, their children tend to focus more on their own life. This may lead them to feel lonelier. Hence, it is important that they continue to build their relationships outside of their own home. For example, aging parents can join organizations that they like or even attend community activities from time to time.


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