Life and the Aging Process

       How aging affects the function of all body systems physically to people

Everyone knows that life is a never-ending cycle, although it doesn’t mean that we’re immortal. It simply means that for every passing person, new life is born. No one wishes to grow old, even some go to great lengths to look young. Some people dye their hairs just to cover the gray ones and use different products to look young.

But no matter how much we try to conceal it, our body will always reveal what’s real. No one wants to experience the struggles of aging. The challenge of going up and down the stairs and stopping every five steps to a catch a breath is tiring or talking to someone and not hear most of what they’re saying is excruciating.

Aging affects the function of all body systems because unlike young people, the reproduction of cells lessens during aging. It also affects organs dependent on how well a cell functions within them. Cells in the kidneys, liver, testes, and ovaries decrease depending on the body age. The brain remains healthy and doesn’t lose brain cells; but for people who have had a stroke or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, then brain cells will slowly deteriorate.

Bones become less dense because the body absorbs less calcium from food, and joints begin to thin because of longtime usage. Muscular structure and body fat change due to the decrease of growth hormones and testosterone levels that develop muscles.

Aging eyes occur during this stage, and the condition called presbyopia—an eye condition where the lens stiffen—may also develop. Older people need brighter lights when reading because as they age the lens of the eye becomes denser, and the retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye) loses its sensitivity and that can affect eyesight.

Elderly people experience a lot of physical changes, as well as emotional changes when they age. They become more sensitive and in need of care and attention, so that’s why some children give their parents the best aging care available. Aside from these changes that come with aging, not everyone appreciates how beautiful the process is.

The older a person becomes, the more mature they’ll be because of the challenges they’ve surpassed in life. This is why young people seek advice from the older generation. Elders have been through a lot, and they have solutions in almost every situation.

Aging can be scary, but everyone should learn to enjoy each stage of life. Everyone will grow old and eventually pass away, but don’t worry—learn to enjoy the ride because this is all a part of the cycle of life.


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