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“Life is short” is the perfect statement anybody should say to convince someone to live a little. Stuck in this competitive world, life almost feels like a never-ending cycle. If one looks at the daily activities of an average person, it’s pretty dull. It’s like listening to the same song over and over again—waking up, going to work, and going home to sleep. Unwinding during weekends is actually a bonus that other people do to destress.

Every millennial dreams to experience the beauty life has to offer. And insufficient income actually hinders that dream. That’s why almost all insurance companies are offering different deals to ensure everyone has a bright future.

It’s actually fun to imagine the future, and everyone has a different perception of it. For the elderly, they just want to spend their remaining days with their families; for parents, they think more of their children’s future; but for singles (especially single millennials), most of them imagine their future traveling around the world and having fun.

When people say the word travel, they often think of it as going somewhere and spending money. The opposite is true, though—traveling doesn’t have to be costly. People just need to research more on cheap traveling or free traveling opportunities that different organizations are offering today.

Some opportunities that offer free travel include joining a farmer’s organization and exchanging farm work for lodging and free food in different countries. Joining a photography or writing contest that requires traveling anywhere in the world is another way. Going on an exchange program that will give an opportunity to study in different countries is one offered by universities.

Options are sprawling everywhere, and all everyone has to do is to prepare themselves mentally and physically. One important tip when it comes to traveling is, everyone should invest their money on cheap traveling insurance to cover the what-ifs (i.e., accidents on a trip, flight cancellations, or medical evacuation expenses) on a trip.

They should secure their bank accounts, especially their debit cards for traveling abroad. They should know what type of banks they can access using their debit card abroad and know if the bank charges overseas transaction fees and how much. Stashing an amount of cash in case of theft is not a bad idea either.

Everyone needs to learn to think ahead of the possibilities of life. Whether they’re off to a luxurious trip or just a low-budget vacation, they should always have a game plan. Thinking about the future or what disaster might happen on a trip may be scary, but as the doctors say, “Prevention is better than cure.”


Life is all about taking risks and having fun. Grab a copy of Stanley Yokell’s book Old People and join him as he explores the many facets of growing old. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. Share them on the comment section below or through Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. If you have the time, do check out my book, Old People.



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