All About Growing Old

Key ingredients to growing old gracefully

Perhaps the reason why many of us view growing old as a negative is the perception that it usually comes with disadvantages. Many may cite deteriorating health and fewer opportunities as the consequences of aging.

But just like any other perception, viewing aging in a bad light is all in the mind. We can always . . .

Family: The Real Treasure of Life

The love of family unconditionally completes every life

One of life’s most fulfilling moments is having a family. Every person’s dreams in life includes creating a family. Who wouldn’t, right? Being able to have a perfect family nourished with love and compassion with each other gives joy.

The family is the basic unit in society. The purpose of a . . .

Happiness in a Pocket: It’s in the Little Things

You’ll want to start enjoying the little things in life

Life is a string of constant attempts to either break the mold or go with the flow. Either way, you have a choice on how your sense of fulfillment empowers your sense of being.

Today, we participate in this rat race knowing that the immediate consequences could potentially hamper our chances of f . . .

Here’s to Making Healthy Life Choices

Remember, the choices we make dictate the life we lead.

Although no two people lead the exact same lives, here’s one thing we all have in common: the power to make life choices.

On an episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s sixth season, Derek Shepherd said that the human life is composed of choices. He’s right about that part—whatever enters and . . .

The Consequences of Dementia

Introducing important truths you should know and understand about dementia

The ravages of old age usually manifest in the diseases of the mind. Dementia is the blanket term for a wide range of symptoms that has to do with the decline in memory. The effects are severe enough to reduce a person’s capacity to go through everyday activities. The mos . . .

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell

A retired P.E.and consulting engineer, Stanley Yokell is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Stanley spends his time taking cons . . .

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