I want to thank all the viewers who have bought my books and notify them that Sir Thomas Cat andMe and Stories that My Grandpa Told is now available as an Ebook for a price of $5.00

This will probably be the last book I will publish unless I decide to update and publish The World which I wrote last summ . . .

Recent Press Release


Outskirts Press announces Sir Thomas Cat and Me and Stories My Grandpa Told, a dual book, the latest highly anticipated FICTION/Children’s stories from Boulder, Colorado author Stanley Yokell.

March 4, 2020 Boulder, Colorado – Outskirts Press Inc has published  Sir Thomas Cat and Me and Stories My Grandpa Told . . .

Since last posted, Stanley Yokell has written Short Stories and Sketches published in 1917 by Outskirts Press of Parker, Colorado, and in 1918 100 Short Stories published by Newman Springs of Red Bank, New Jersey. His Most recent book titled “Sir Thomas Cat and me and Stories My Grandpa Told” was published by Outskirts Press on February 29, 2020

The stories in the books of stories and anecdotes are based on the author's experience. The memoir of Old Times in Elizabethtown came from the author's snd his family's visits to where the author's wife grew up.

Sir Thomas Cat and Me is about a cat that understands English and his friend who understands cat. It has many conversations between them and the . . .

Maintaining the Health and Wellness of Aging Parents

Key activities for healthy aging

Your parents’ health and wellness become more important as they age. Most people would associate old age with the deterioration of health. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Children can assist in their parents’ healthy aging.

The simplest things will matter as children guide parents in this time in their lif . . .