Author: Stanley Yokell

Life and the Aging Process

       How aging affects the function of all body systems physically to people

Everyone knows that life is a never-ending cycle, although it doesn’t mean that we’re immortal. It simply means that for every passing person, new life is born. No one wishes to grow old, even some go to great lengths to look young. Some people dye their hairs just to . . .

How to Live the Life You Want

Living with a purpose

Life is like freediving the bottom of the ocean. You need to hold your breath and not let yourself drown so that you can reach the deepest parts. You need to open your mind because you won’t know what complications you’ll encounter as you discover the great abyss. And like diving, you have the option to continue until you find wha . . .

The Importance of Mourning a Death

Coping mechanism for death that are essential to overcome grief

When we think about the future, we start thinking about the life ahead of us—what type of house we want to live, our future family, and the kind of lifestyle we’ll live. Yet no one ever thinks about death.

Sorrow and grief come after death, which are the least favorite emotions people f . . .

Future Plans for Travel Goals

A chance for free traveling opportunities


“Life is short” is the perfect statement anybody should say to convince someone to live a little. Stuck in this competitive world, life almost feels like a never-ending cycle. If one looks at the daily activities of an average person, it’s pretty dull. It’s like listening to the same song over and . . .

All About Growing Old

Key ingredients to growing old gracefully

Perhaps the reason why many of us view growing old as a negative is the perception that it usually comes with disadvantages. Many may cite deteriorating health and fewer opportunities as the consequences of aging.

But just like any other perception, viewing aging in a bad light is all in the mind. We can always . . .